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Sometimes the first step to a more simple, intentional life is seeing the world through a different lens, and gaining a new perspective.

A New Perspective on Simple Living

Yes. No more bitterness, cause there is really no use in it we are both happier lets just accept that.

Don't Be Bitter About Exes Or People You Used To Talk To

Don't Be Bitter About Axes Or People You Used To Talk To?ref=pinp nn Don’t be bitter about exes or people you used to talk to. Take what you learned about yourself and become a better person.

The Journey is the Destination. #GeneseeCounty

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A pic of my daughter on the local railroad track.. with an inspirational quote added...

Will Rogers quote A pic of my daughter on the local railroad track. with an inspirational quote added.

100 Encouraging Ideas | Anxious fearless explorer adventure explore discover travel wanderlust anxiety encourage inspire inspiring lauren without fear quotes thoughts socrates philosophy philosophical inspirational inspiration post grad post-grad solo female blogger vlogger blog vlog career self-employed business owner entrepreneur live your life by a compass not a clock railroad tracks forest woods

100 Encouraging Ideas

Live Life by a Compass not a Clock. Maybe this is that profound, or maybe I'm just sensitive to learning this lesson today, but WOW!Live Life by a Compass not a Clock, Live Life by a Compass not a Clock.