Zero Wolf (Raoul Trujillo) - Leader of the Holcanes. In AZTEC (not Mayan) history, the Holcanes were 10 ceremonial warriors chosen as the strongest, fastest, the most brutal (generally the most bad ass) from all the others. Basically, they were like the Navy SEALS or Spetznatz of their time.

Leitwolf (Raoul Trujillo) führt die Holcane an - Foto

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Demi Moore, John Denver, Anna Gunn, Raoul Trujillo, Jay Roach were born in New Mexico.

Raoul Trujillo was born in northern New Mexico. He is a mixed blood descendant of Apache,Comanche, Pueblo, Tlascalan, French-Canadian, Sephardic Jew ...

Raoul Max Trujillo, aka Raoul Maximiano Trujillo de Chauvelon was born in Northern New Mexico. He is a mixed blood descendant of Ute,Apache,Comanche,.

Raul Trujillo as Massasoit, the leader of the Pokanoket tribe  - National Geographic Channels/David Bloomer

Massasoit - Raul Trujillo in Saints & Strangers TV mini-series about the Voyage of the Mayflower and the first year of the Pilgrims in America).

Still of Raoul Trujillo in Apocalypto.

How Norane was dressed when he interrupted Lilia's wedding and chose her to be the Earthly Mother of Tatya-Masi.

Raoul Trujillo (Ute, Apache, Comanche, Pueblo, Tlascalan < Nahua)

Raoul Trujillo (Ute, Apache, Comanche, Pueblo, Tlascalan < Nahua)

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Raoul Trujillo and Rodolfo Palacios in Apocalypto

HBD Raoul Trujillo May 8th 1955: age 60

Raoul Trujillo Photos Photos: "Love Ranch" Premiere

Raoul Trujillo Photos - Los Angeles Premiere of "Love Ranch".

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Fact: Sad as it may be, slavery was the norm everywhere! Read a History book, preferably one not revised or written from an LSD, MTV, Ritalin induced view! They assume the contemporaries and historians of old got it all wrong!