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Most haunted dolls: Dolls are one of the oldest types of toys. These toys for kids can be used for imaginative play, and they shouldn’t be something that sh

SUICIDE Forest Japan Ghosts Real Paranormal Scary HAUNTINGS

Japan's Suicide Forest is known as one of the creepiest, most haunted, and paranormal active locations in the world. Is Japans Suicide Forest (other wise known as Aokigahara (青木ヶ原?

The Jealous Spirit - Real Paranormal Activity

If you thought Paranormal Activity was scary. Recently released footage documenting a couples weekend that turned out to be.

19 Paranormal Encounters That Will Make You Think Nope!

19 Paranormal Encounters That Will Make You Think Nope!

Has there ever been a time that you truly believe you've encountered something paranormal? Here are 19 real paranormal encounters that will make you nope!

25 Real Paranormal Stories from Nurses

25 Real Paranormal Stories from Nurses

Death is an event that frightens many, but that's because it is something we know very little about. Hospitals and hospices are full of stories of paranormal.

Creepiest Wikipedia pages

These Are The Creepiest Stories On Wikipedia You Won't Be Able To Stop Reading

Real Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape, In this documentary, ghost hunters explore one of the Villisca Axe Murder House.

Notice the shadow people circled in the photo above.  Shadow people (ghosts).

What Are Shadow People

The Shadow People Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye ? A lot of people claim that these creatures are called “shadow people”. Most sitings have.

The Undead. Ghosts. Zombies. Blood and gore. Things that go bump in the night. What if they were all around you, and you had nowhere to hide, no escape fro

Americas Haunted House Guide - Dare to Get Scared

Ghost in Hotel on Halloween - Caught of Security Camera 100% Real - ...Make you own decision on this.

Today we look at 10 Of The Scariest Ghost Sighting Videos Ever. Many people will say that they don’t believe in ghosts and will write off an odd occurrence w.

Ghost Attack Caught on Security Camera | Real Paranormal Videos

Ghost Attack Caught on Security Camera

Ghost Attacks Man on Security Camera. Caught on Tape, guy attacked by aggressive spirit ghost. Real or Fake? We take a closer look at the Ghost Attack Vide.

Real Werewolf Footage, Germany 1942 | Real Paranormal Videos

Real Werewolf Footage, Germany 1942

Real paranormal videos about ghosts, ufo sightings, strange creatures and everything supernatural.