Perfect Pedicure Tips

Perfect Pedicure Tips

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One of my favorite colors to do the boy's toes when we're feeling sexy. A little come hither red always gets me in the mood to bend him over ;

Here's how to make sure you pedi stays looking fabulous.

6 Ways to Make Your Pedicure Last

Apparently, your toes provide more function that rocking a pedicure and helping you stay standing – they also show your ancestry.

The Hidden Health Risks of Pedicures | Skinny Mom | Where Moms Get the Skinny on Healthy Living

The Hidden Health Risks of Pedicures

Before you make your next pedicure appointment, there are six seriously important things you need to know about the hidden health risks of pedicures.

Pedicure.  Toes are ALWAYS painted, especially if they are going to be shown. Naked toesnails= ugly.

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