Daring Fantasy Cosplay Features A Real Live Bear!

Incredible “extreme” cosplay called Merida by the model Tina Rybakova. Photo by Dasha Kond ”I need a bear for my cosplay. A bear. 5 years, an exotic pet license, and

The Best Redhead Celebrities Ever - Esquire:  1996: Ginger Spice  Because, okay, one of those songs got stuck in our head for a moment. And because anyone who releases an album called Schizophonic can't take themselves too seriously.

The Best Redheads Ever: A Timeline

black mirror season 2 episode 2 white bear . I want to be this Hunter chick / actress for Halloween! With the electric carving knife, hair necklace and everything! My first Netflix inspired costume !! I think it's a pretty good redhead costume & awesome scary/ horror costume !

Black mirror season 2 episode 2 white bear outfit - Somwthing different for Halloween