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More ok haven't seen this one but its an interesting repurpose for one

redneck bbq  HILARIOUS!  Maybe we could use this method for s'mores next time! -hc

I find this to be genius, totally could cook so many hotdogs or marshmallows for s'mores so much faster! --(gee, you might be a redneck sweetie.

"Bet you can't jump the barn"

"Bet you can't jump the barn"

Top 18 inventions created by & for rednecks. Ya'll check these out ...

counrty-must-be-country-wide: “ frantastic-staceyxx: “ tennessee-charm: “ heartlandsweetheart: “ Redneck porch swing. ” I want ” Oml and this is why everybody should have a jacked up truck!

Redneck Inventions | Funny Photos of Hillbilly Luxury

The Greatest Inventions in Hillbilly Luxury

My friend down south sent me a pic of his redneck grill and cooler combo

Chevy over Ford any day

OK I'm a born & raised Ford lover but if you can't have a sense of humor I pity you, cuz in the words of Larry the Cable Guy "that's funny right .

Hahahaha hahahaha but it works I wonder if it's licensed ?

Hahahaha hahahaha but it works I wonder if it's licensed ? Yup, the redneck way to fish.

Redneck Home Security System.  And if you get past the dogs, well you know mama will greet you with a shotgun, right?

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