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Republic Commando Art by Peter Riebel Sorry for the mini spam .I have ocd and have to upload in 😅✌🏼️

Republic Commando's Delta Squad ;_;  y u no sequeal...

Delta Squad Who was your favorite Commando? "The squad objective remains: find Sun Fac, and eliminate him. I will be issuing further orders as you go.

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before I die, i will get myself a full size replica of Republic Commando armour, AND ARC Trooper armour.

Star wars republic commando traduzione ita

Star wars republic commando traduzione ita

Boss Republic Commando Helmet by on @deviantART

Star Wars Commandos Helmet LARP DIY Paper model kit in Toys & Hobbies, Models & Kits, Character Figures

REPUBLIC COMMANDOS: Derived from a video game & a spinoff novels series, Republic Commandos picks up from Attack of The Clones & runs through the time period after Revenge of the Sith. Told from the point of view of an elite squad of clone soldiers it has all ingredients for a gripping wartime drama; The Empire’s rise, the effects of war & politics & shifting clone allegiances: become an Imperial Soldier or fight alongside the Rebel & Jedi forces as a renegade mercenary.  #StarWars

Delta Squad Are you a fan? "I feel genuinely sorry for any hostile who has the misfortune to face Delta Squad in combat.

Republic Commandos /by Chris Trevas. It's Delta squad from Karen Traviss's books, Republic Commando, and Clone Wars.

Republic Commandos by Chris Trevas. It's Delta squad from Karen Traviss' books, Republic Commando series.

Omega Squad - Targets by roberthendrickson on deviantART

Star Wars Insider opening page for short story "Odds" written by Karen Traviss Acrylics and colored pencils