Is this type of beauty real!?

I feel like the sun has set and not risen for five days, Ana. I'm in perpetual night here." Robert Pattinson as Christian Grey

Robert Pattinson ❤ Okay.. I still get goosebumps the first time he walks in the cafeteria. HOT

"Ima eat your face and watch you sleep like a creeper!" Crap, this picture is terrifying. Did you know that there are a total if 23 full minutes if just staring in the Twilight saga? I really don't like this movie/book.

ive seen other movies he has done other than twilight and he is actually a very wonderful actor and respectable artist

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Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson Ditches His Ex When Kristen Stewart Comes Calling

Robsten Dreams: Rob Pic of the Day ~ How could we not fall for Rob with a face like that?

December 2009: Bruce Weber's portraits of Robert Pattinson: Part Five | Hollywood | Vanity Fair

Photos: December 2009: Bruce Weber's portraits of Robert Pattinson: Part Five

4) Esquire UK outtakes ~ BIGGER & BETTER!!!

Pattinson Art Work: Are You Ready? New Gorgeous Pictures Outtakes from a Recent Photoshoot - 2014

Robert Pattinson. Not Edward, mind, but the snarky, self-deprecating British actor. Was solidly resolved to not like him until I saw one too many interviews and was swayed.

Wallpaper and background photos of twilight for fans of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart images.