Robert Smith - The Cure is a HUGE influence on how I listen to music. He is a master of layering and vibe. My three favorites are Pornography, Faith and Japanese Whispers.

Musician/singer/songwriter Robert Smith turns 56 today - he was born in He is the lead singer of the rock band The Cure.

Robert Smith, best pic ive ever seen of him. I wasn't in love w him just some of his songs

A very young Robert Smith from The Cure. You can't be a lil' goth girl and not worship this band ;

Ghost in the Machine: Robert Smith by iri5, via Flickr

Sound Meets Image: Visual Tributes to Music

Erika Iris Simmons - Ghost In The Machine - Robert Smith - Cassette Tape On Canvas

(RobSioux) Siouxsie: Mortal your too cute *squeeze* *squeeze* Robert: okay, stop Siouxsie...that's enough! Siouxsie: I'll have you for dinner tonight.


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Robert-smith-cure-miyako-np - Robert Smith (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What Robert Smith From The Cure Looks Like Today. No one can wear high tops better than Robert Smith  :)

What Robert Smith From The Cure Looks Like Today

The Cure | The Cure, Robert Smith | Brit singer Robert Smiths goth look — in ...

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A young Robert Smith (The Cure), Everyone always associates Robert with gloom & doom, when he is actually quite a happy, smiley man. And ever so handsome growing up! :-)

A young Robert Smith (The Cure)

A young Robert Smith (The Cure) - hey, he looks like skinny Ben Affleck!