The Ron Paul checklist  ....this is a great checklist....let's hope more people use it next time....

I would like to teach creationism, ignoring all of the facts on evelution. I would like to disregard science in every way possible including Global warming.

Real Patriotism: Challenging government when it's wrong.  via Ron Paul

These Ron Paul quotes started the revolution and they will finish the revolution! These are the Ron Paul quotes that live on and on and on.

Ron Paul. Bless your soul.

Our lives come from our creator and our Liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.

Homeschooling: The Future of Liberty; excellent article "Every American who values liberty should support the home schoolers’ cause [regardless of whether they choose to home school or not]. If the government can usurp parental authority over something as fundamental as the education of their children, there is almost no area of parenthood off limits to government interference." ––Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk column: Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War

Snowden, Ron Paul. Think about it!!!

My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified information to the enemy

Federal Snoops Activate Smartphone Microphones and Laptop Cameras | The State Weekly

White House Dismisses French NSA Complaint: All Nations Spy

Is it treasonous to want to secede from the United States?

Ron Paul once again takes out the intellectual sledgehammer to crush today's most popular myths! Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the

An Anarchist on Ron Paul

An Anarchist on Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : What Happened to Iran Talks? Tom Woods Asks RPI's Daniel McAdams

The Homeland Security Monstrosity - The Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute

Building the Truth about the Federal Reserve (Paul vs Cain) Ron Paul 2012 -

Building the Truth about the Federal Reserve (Paul vs Cain) Ron Paul 2012 - The Woke American