"Diese verfluchten Fischweiber. Sie sind wunderschön, aber tödlich wie der Stich eines Skorpions."

ysvyri: “ ’Nokken’ by Kim Myatt New painting for the Month of Fear challenge “Wicked”. Not all Nokken are wicked, but the ones that are have been said to have the sweetest songs with words like honey. With kisses and promises, they’ll lure you closer.

Rusałka- Demony i potwory z wierzeń słowiańskich II - Joe Monster

This poetry tells the story of a meeting between a Nymph and an adventurer. Poesia que conta a história do encontro entre uma Ninfa e um aventureiro.

Slavic Mythology, monsters and gods, part 3

Slavic Mythology, monsters and gods, part 3

Rusałka in Slavic mythology is female water nymph that dwells at the bottom of river. Rusałka sing sweet songs to entrap men into the water and drown them. She  would also entice children with singing and then tickle them to death. Rusalka can also live on land, climb trees during the night and sing.

krigfattig: “ In Slavic mythology, a rusalka (plural: rusalki or rusalky) was a female ghost, water nymph, succubus or mermaid-like demon that dwelled in a waterway.

ALICIA - Ha vuelto a donde siempre debió estar

Foreverland - the words say "To Alice - come back anytime. White Rabbit"<---This is so sad, ohmygod!

Rusalka - a water nymph from Slavic mythology.    by ~Kaelycea on deviantART

The rusalka is a water nymph from Slavic mythology. Reference for the face from ~dust-stock Rusalka

Ivan Bilibin  I grew up on these Russian Fairy Tales and his illustrations :)

Ivan Bilibin -Russian fairy tales usually include the princess and Babayega, the witch who rides her wooden broom bucket through the sky. I bought this book many years ago, love the illustrations.