Love a garden feature of rusting iron.  Found art. A pair of rusty hoops, enticingly offset, attract the eye.

okay, now I need big iron circles for my garden. --- Decayed whiskey barrel planter left me with 4 large rings, never thought of a garden sculpture! Crap threw the rings out with the mess of the barrels

Rusted Metal Sculptures Sometimes, the only metal touch your garden needs lies in a simple sculptures. If you aren’t willing to make one, you can always buy one, or reclaim a great piece from the junkyard.

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Dragons Wood Forge - Blacksmith and Wood Sculpture, Garden art, metal sculpture, garden sculpture, Neil Lossock (diy with willow stakes and carpeting bits. Fill carpet with dirt n seeds)

Grail Laser Cut Screen. The Grail Outdoor Wall Art is a contemporary take on a classic Moroccan design. This design can be given a rustic patina when made with Corten Steel, or infuse a modern edge by using a powder coated aluminium finish. | Available from WG Outdoor Life, Perth, Western Australia. | © Q Design

Uplit metal mesh screens ("Grail" pattern, based on a classic Moroccan design) by Q Design via WaterGarden Warehouse.

Robot on Holiday: Garden Structures

another pinner:My hubs makes these from fallen cedar branches. He makes them in tripod shapes for tomatoes and birds, too.

CUSTOM MADE Rustic Wooden Wall Sculpture by WallWooden on Etsy

Wooden Art Wall Sculpture - Reclaimed wood - Rustic Sculpture

post of bundled sticks/flat rock and round rock, love it

Go to nature for simple (and super low-cost) ideas. Sticks and stones become unusual garden posts at a farmyard in west-central Wisconsin. Bundle sticks to create a decorative post, top it with a flat rock and place a round rock on top of that.

Barbed wire balls - I've actually made some of these, they are great in the garden

Barbed wire balls - can they be made around a heavy, large-ish rock, so that they can't be stolen?