Yang xiao long

Can't wait to (hopefully) see her second new outfit in the season finale!

yang !!, puz lee on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JE3OD

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RWBY. Yang new arm volume 4.

Yang new arm volume Now lets talk about what might happen in V.


Doctor on

I like the scaling of the mech vs yang here, but mostly this is just to add to my ever growing collection of splash art inspiration

RWBY yang by MICE-KING I love Yang! She's probably my favorite!

RWBY yang by MICE-KING. You punch her in the gut with a giant robot fist? She blows up your giant robot suit with nothing more than a punch.

RWBY - Yang Xiao Long Turnaround by *montyoum on deviantART

Yang Xiao Long/Image Gallery

RWBY - Yang Xiao Long Turnaround by *montyoum on deviantART going to cosplay as her one day ^^

RWBY - Yang Xiao Long まとめ1

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