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Ryan Reynold's new hairstyle with high fade on the sides and a bit of more hair on the top has grabbed everyone's attention. We call it the Buzz Cut Reborn!

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I've always had a thing for Ryan. He's fantastic in this movie.

Actor Ryan Reynolds of 'Deadpool' speaks onstage at the Century FOX panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 2015 in San Diego, California.

A skilled barber should use a mixture of scissors and clippers to get this look. You would ask for clippers on the side, a 0.5cm high fade and to blend that into a textured scissor cut top while keeping the blend nice and square. The top will be cut with scissors too, to give it a more natural textured finish. It is important that your barber squares off the blend with scissors or you will have too much of a rounded look, which is more of the classic military buzz-cut.

The Chop: get Ryan Reynolds’ gentlemanly buzzcut

Ryan Reynolds haircut is the same and always different at the same time? Then you have to see this 20 hairstyles.

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My hair finally grew back after a year of stress and illness that caused patches of hair to go missing all over my body I can finally say I'm healthy again. love this style

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Ryan Reynolds haircut

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ryan reynolds haircut

People Are Going Crazy For This Hairstyle