I don't care that this topless pic of Ryan Reynolds is in black and white because all of my dreams are in color!

Famous Men Over 40 With FLAWLESS Beach Bodies!

Which Ryan Reynolds Character Is Your Soulmate? - Sorry, Blake Lively. Can you blame us? - Quiz

Which Ryan Reynolds Character Is Your Soulmate?

Ryan Reynolds in Amityville Horror

Evening Eye Candy: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity /Just how I like my men, chained and shirtless. UNf

Ryan Reynolds Workout for Blade Trinity involves intense focus on a single body part each day. Ryan Reynolds got "Monster Abs" doing abs routine every day.

Ryan Reynolds in black double pockets shirt

Ryan Reynolds ~ so good looking! and allllways love his personality.prolly my fave male actor!

Ryan Reynolds bound AND on his knees? Yes, thank you...so delicious needs to be pinned again :)

Personal Bests: See the Hottest These Stars Have Ever Looked

Ryan Reynolds  InStyle Magazine  June 2008 I want him to look like that through my door!!! I wish

Summer Goes Sexy

Ryan Reynolds...<3... everyone women needs a little eye candy just to remember how much their loving spouse is much better then the looks....

It might be gross to say that I think Ryan Reynolds is hot since that's my brother's exact name. BUT DAMN Ryan Reynolds is HOT!

Stay handsome Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a versatile actor who's known for his portrayal in Green Lantern and Safe House. He also made headlines for marrying Scarlett Johansson and later, Blake Lively.

9 Sexiest Men Shirtless!! Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner, Ryan Reynolds, Kellan Lutz, Ian Somerhalder, Bradley Cooper

Ill take ALL of them :) 9 Sexiest Men Shirtless Zac Efron Channing Tatum Ryan Gosling Cam Gigandet Taylor Lautner Ryan Reynolds Kellan Lutz Ian Somerhalder Bradley Cooper.

OOH don't hurt me, Ryan Reynolds!

Ryan Reynolds, I'm giving in to my true feelings for this handsome hunk.