not Disney, but still a face-kicking princess.

Sailor Console Princess Zelda Made by Drachea Rannak - they have Disney princesses too. it's on my Disney board

“Sailor Disney Princesses“, a series of illustrations by Drachea Rannak

Sailor Princess – The Disney Princesses as Sailor Moon characters

Sailor Esmeralda - 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame': 21 Iconic Disney Heroines As Flawless Sailor Moon Characters. In the name of the Moon, we need this crossover!

Sailor Princess: Odette by Drachea Rannak. Fan-art from The swan princess

Sailor Moon Disney - The Swan Princess - Odette I always look at this and think it's absolutely gorgeous! Just the design itself as it corresponds to the actual dress Odette wears in movie is just so perfect!

Sailor princess Elsa

Disney Re-Imagined As Sailor Moon Characters!?

Sailor Princess

Sailor Princess

Sailor Giselle (from Il était une fois)

Sailor Giselle - 'Enchanted' Obviously she comes with her own pack of helper animals. Maybe even some knock-off Patronuses (Patronii?) as her ultimate power.