Salem, Massachusetts. Two of my partner's relatives were involved in the Witch Trials; one was the Constable of Salem, the other was a Juror.

Witch House, Salem, Massachusetts – October 2009 by Lakwatsero I want to visit Salem.not for the witches- so much history there!

Hotel lobby at the Hawthorne in Salem, Mass. Love this old hotel

The historic Hawthorne Hotel - An Historic Hotel of America in the Salem Common Historic District. Walking distance to numerous historic sites and attractions.

Salem, Mass. is a MUST in October...went there last year...had a blast!

Ok, so not in Maine, but still a drive away. Bound determined to one of these years visit the Salem Witch Museum in October!

The Salem Witch Trials continue to captivate the American public centuries later.

Hotels in Salem, Massachusetts

the memorial grounds for the 19 accused witches. they were mainly buried on gallow's hill in unmarked graves.

Salem, Mass.

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This Halloween, take a trip to the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials

In America's spookiest town it's Halloween all year long

This Halloween, take a trip to the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. I wish that I could go. they hold re-enactments of the Salem trials usually on Halloween.

Salem, Massachusetts - The Peabody Essex museum

Peabody Essex Museum - Salem, MA - visit one of the largest art collections in New England