Sam Heughan has been cast to play _the man_ who became a legend before he was 25.

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Here Is the Hottest Man Alive?Outlander's Sam Heughan?Professing His Love of Horseback Riding in a Kilt

The Hottest Man Alive Loves to Ride a Horse in a Kilt

We’ve got to talk about that one time he was in the ocean not wearing a shirt. | We Need To Talk About Sam Heughan

We Need To Talk About Sam Heughan

If you watch Outlander, then you have seen plenty of shots of red-hot star Sam Heughan on the small screen.

Hot Guy /Cold Drink Sam Heughan - Sam Heughan Outlander Interview

Sam Heughan Loves Reading Your Lusty Tweets


jamesandclairefraser: “ Just for Xmas, a very special Live episode of ‘Heughan Talks’ with your main man, !