Sam Shepard - Intellectual, style and value icon....acting is just the tip of the iceburg.

DOC Sam Shepard - Intellectual, style and value icon.acting is just the tip of the iceburg.

Sam Shepard, The Right Stuff (Chuck Yeager), Baby Boom, Steele Magnolias, Pelican Brief, The Notebook, Stealth

an-occasional-dream: “Sam Shepard - The Right Stuff, by Philip Kaufman ”

sam shepard. been madly in love with since i read Fool For Love forever ago.

Sam Shepard by Bruce Weber. So handsome at this time of his life.and so talented.

"People talk about the 1960s in a nostalgic way, but to me it was terrifying. People were getting assassinated. There was Vietnam. There were race riots. It felt like everything was going to get blown up sky-high. It didn’t feel like flower power. It felt like Armageddon."  Sam Shepard

Actor/writer/director/Pulitzer Prize winner Sam Sheppard turns 71 today - he was born in Some of his film credits include The Right Stuff, Paris, Texas, Crimes of the Heart and Steel Magnolias.

sam shepard

arizona, 1979 with patti smith, ca. 1971 publicity still from resurrection, 1980 photographed by herb ritts, virgini.

Sam Shepard + Patti Smith « Chaque tournant torpide de ce monde engendre des enfants déshérités auxquels rien de ce qui a été, ni de ce qui sera n'appartient. » Rilke

Sam Shepard and Patti Smith by Gerard Malanga, London, 1972

sam shepard      passed away from ALS on July 27, 2017                                                  …

Sam Shepard, American author, playwright, actor, television and film director