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Sasuke and Sarada Uchiha #Naruto

Such lifelike 👊👊Sasuke& Sarada cosplay Sasuke by Maruko大王 sarada by 黑乐藤四郎

I think she's a girl..But he definitely looks like Sasuke! love it! ^_^ <--- No its definitely a guy... like seriously dude...

I think she's a girl.But he definitely looks like Sasuke! ^_^ <--- No its definitely a guy. like seriously dude. <--- Either way it's a nice Sasuke cosplay!

Live Spectacle Naruto [ http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/02/05/shikamaru-ino-chouji-kiba-shino-hinata-visuals-for-naruto-stage-play-unveiled ]

An Introduction to Anime and Manga

Live Spectacle Naruto: shikamaru-ino-chouji-kiba-shino-hinata-visuals-for-naruto-stage-play-unveiled ]