This shows that Sasuke truly didn't want to kill Naruto  USE CODE "PIN5" TO RECEIVE 5% OFF Shop now at

Sasuke Uchiha & Naruto Uzumaki This shows that Sasuke truly didn't want to kill Naruto

This picture/ quote i think is very representative of Hamlet. Once he discovers that Claudius is the one responsible for his father's death, Hamlets whole life, throughout the play, revolves around extracting his revenge.

Taken advantage of, abused, neglected, ignored--you're fucking right I'm out for vengeance

L's Cure For Emo by =Psyconorikan on deviantART

Naruto/Death Note Crossover Comic: L's Cure For Emo by Psyconorikan on deviantART

Poor Naruto... Sasuke is once again beating him half to death... *Sigh* #Naruto

Poor Naruto he was just trying to kiss Sasuke but he is getting beat up

"Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time" - Uchiha Itachi

"Sorry Sasuke, this is the last time" - Uchiha Itachi damn that was sad

Pretty much screams the plot line of many Naruto death fanfics where Sasuke kills Naruto when they're fighting, Naruto continues to smile at him, and meanwhile Sasuke flips the hell out because he basically returns to his normal Team 7 self and is traumatized that he just killed his best friend

I think if Sasuke ever had killed Naruto. Naruto would have definitely kept on smiling. I also think that Naruto smiling after Sasuke killed him would either make Sasuke turns his ways around, or it would fuel his anger even more.

Itachi's Death Threat by GuardianSpirit on DeviantArt

Random comic, did this a week ago and then forgot about *dodges bricks*. Because villians need to eat too, and Orochimaru gave away the Akatsuki'.

*Sasuke's Death* - Uchiha Sasuke Photo (36522760) - Fanpop

dedicated to all Sasuke Uchiha fans. HD Wallpaper and background photos of *Sasuke's Death* for fans of Uchiha Sasuke images.

Gotta Catch 'Em Pants by Yasuli on DeviantArt

"I'm not gonna lie I'm really looking forward to heavy kissing and touching between these two with these haircuts" I'm going to blame that comment because this is totally its fault. ~Lol the unicorn screen saver loves it!