Stay-at-home dates get a bad rap. Why? Because, well, they're usually boring — a medley of take-out and Netflix reruns or something equally uninspiring.

6 Romantic Date Ideas That Don't Even Require Putting On Pants

Before he was cast in the big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, he modeled alongside the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth. See Dornan show off his nascent Christian Grey in these photos from the pages of GQ

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Genderbend Edwin by viria13 on DeviantArt - Google'da Ara

I can just imagine Hazel walking into this and she just rushes out fanning her face like Leo said she does when she's embarrassed XD

NaruHina = cute couple, SasuSaku = sexy couple, SaiIno = adorable couple, ShikaTema = Badass couples

Naruto + Hinata = cute couple, Sasuke + Sakura = sexy couple, Sai + Ino = adorable couple, Shikamaru + Temari = Badass couples <-i agree


Anna Selezneva Sports Boyish Looks for Set's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

OCTOBER 9-2015 ~ ⋱‿✿ Hues of Natural - Art By JR

Lidia Wylangowska ~ Figurative painter

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Love him presents. ideal for my husband since he pays for everything and work so hard. I would get him for a gift before I can give it to him ;