We love a little retail therapy! Buying shoes can make all of our problems go away.

Wearing a long necklace draws the eye up and down, thereby elongating you. Simple trick to "lose" weight.

For when that price tag ruins your entire shopping experience: | 18 Pop Diva Memes That Are Way, Way Too Real

For when that price tag ruins your entire shopping experience:

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Funny Confession Ecard: 600 shopping carts in the grocery store and I keep picking the one with the front wheel that likes to pirouette like a ballerina on speed. Every damn time :-)

Shopaholics, unite: it's totally acceptable (and just a smart idea) to be shopping every day

Why It's Totally OK to Be a Shopaholic

About to walk GLC with my momma.that place is definitely cardio. :) Gotta get them good deals on kids socks and underwear.

There's always an excuse for shopping. // Gossip Girl Truths

The Style Rules We Still Totally Believe From Gossip Girl

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Keep Calm: Barber Shop Humor Poster

Barber Shop humor with an illustration of a pair of crossed barber clippers and the caption "Keep Calm It'll Grow Back.