Absolute no to low necklines. Low necklines like V-neck and plunging V-neck will only make your upper body shorter. So avoid at all cost. Other basic high necklines are okay to go with.

Are you a short-waisted women? Do you have short torso? We share 9 simple tips & tricks for dressing short-waisted body type for women.

... are some simple tips and tricks for dressing short -waisted body type

Don’t tuck in top Wear longer length tops that end lower than your natural waistline Continue reading here: Tips & Tricks to Dressing Short-Waisted Body Type

Short torso

Wear skirt above or at knee length. Wearing long skirt (below knee) will only lengthen your lower body and thus making your upper body look even shorter. One way to offset this effect is to wear the same color top and skirt.

How to dress for your shape

Rule of thirds: Colette's Ratio System works with a torso to leg rule, created by outfit tricks such as tucking a shirt into a high waisted skirt, cinching a loose top at the waist, or wearing a cropped jacket Supernatural Style

InStyle's guide for the best jeans for women with a short torso

The Ultimate Jeans Guide for Short Torsos

For women out there with a petite torso, here are the best jeans to help you look long and lean.For women out there with a petite torso, here are the best jeans to help you look long and lean.

When your natural waist is closer to your bust than your hips you are likely to be short waisted

Style Tips for Short Waisted Women

Style Tips for Short Waisted Women (longer legs usually means a proportionately shorter torso)

Dressing for short #watse #torso #girls some striking examples of outfits ideal for short torso ladies.

50 Outfits ideas For Girls With Short waisted Torso

Boho Chic spring / summer - street style - street chic style - party outfits - summer outfits - black and white embroidered romper + black suede fringe heeled sandals

Reader Ilujna e-mailed me this request: You’ve done balancing a long torso and downplaying hips but I was wondering if you could do something on short torsos? I’ve got “great” hips…

Advice for short-waisted women and those with short torsos, including dressing tricks that balance your natural proportions.

#emilia #clark #cuffed #jeans torso bodytype Outfits to elongate short torso no only include the ones that help in lengthening your body line. Sometimes, it’s good to have a balanced look. One way to achieve it is to pair your top with cuffed jeans or pants.

50 Outfits ideas For Girls With Short waisted Torso

Emilia Clarke- pairs her cuffed boyfriend jeans with a stylish grey blazer and pointed-toe nude pumps

Short torso and long legs outfits

Vertical Body Shape: How to determine if you are long or short waisted, or simply balanced, and how to style your outfit according to your vertical proportions

Determine if you have a long or short waistline... and tips on how to dress for each.

How to dress a short waisted and long waisted body. A short-waisted (left) and a long-waisted (right) woman.