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Little do you kmow we have plans after Disney to leave. You don't know us and is killing you not kowing what's going on. We have vacays we are paying thousands of dollars for first

Cool story bro. In what chapter do you shut the f*ck up? #Funny #Insults #Quotes

In what chapter do you shut the f*ck up? The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Take ownership of your own mouth, your own actions, and your own denial. Don't purposely create drama - you make yourself worse than the person you are complaining about. PM

I guess you should've thought twice before being a bitch when I asked if you would be back for our weekend with the kids. It's your 7 days and it's your parenting don't be a manipulative bitch face. You said No, so we made plans.

Not a SINGLE word. | "Shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick." -Broken-hearted girls everywhere

30 Quotes For When You Want To Say A Big “F-YOU” To Your Scumbag Ex

Here's a line you can use sometime, just not on me, haha. I hope I can help you smile tonight :-)

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How many times have I wanted to say this (or really. how many times has someone wanted to say this to me)?

Bahahaa some people don't know when to shut up lol yes I'm talking about you stacy

Thanks for noticing every tiny typo as well as advising me on the rest of my life. I'd sit here and take notes but I fear I'll stab you in the eye with my only working pen.