It was so challenging to take a picture to show the new tattoos BUT here they…

It was so challenging to take a picture to show the new tattoos BUT here they are, blending in with the rest of my tattoos (I only got 3 today).

Simple Arm Tattoos for Sisters

69 Heart-Warming Sister Tattoo Ideas

There are some tattoos that are specifically designed for best friends. The sister tattoos are some of these tattoos meant for best friends.

“These are my arm tattoos. I have the words ‘run deep and run wild’ on my arm followed by the outline of a dove, Roman numerals to remind me of the date I met my Fiancé, the line from my favourite poem wrapped around my wrist for my mum, and a heart on my other wrist.”

I want the date I get married put somewhere on my arm in roman numerals:) more than likely the back of my arm going down.

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70 Lovely Tattoos for Girls

Half sleeve tattoo designs are very cool and suitable for men and women of girls, you if you are one of many people who like something artistic.

I was thinking of getting this on my forearm, or somewhere that I can easily see it. I am always off in another world which tends to cause my emotions to stir. I feel that if I were to have this somewhere I can easily look at it I can find my ground and remind myself that this, this is the real world with real problems. That the scenarios I come up with in my mind will not happen if I don't do something to prevent or make them happen.

The world map images in this group are all blank world maps (without country borders). These maps have only solid color areas (continents and oceans are white or gray and outlines are black).

ENGLISH: And there they were again. The tattoos, around his left upper arm. One line for one innocent life he had taken. One line for one of a wrongful. 0=0=0 DEUTSCH: Und da waren sie wieder. Die Tätowierungen, um seinen linken Oberarm. Je eine Linie, für eines der unschuldigen Leben, das er genommen hatte. Eine Linie, für einen unrechtmäßigen Tod, den er zu verschulden hatte. @cjqravenwritten

40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

arm band tattoos are pretty damn sick, thinking of one on my bicep mixed in with one of my favoite quotes