All the hardest, coldest people you meet,  were once as soft as water.  And that’s the tragedy of living.

The right hand corner says "in the late hours of Tuesday I drew another face. This time with eyes closed so she cannot ever question the standard of beauty that I have strictly designed for her. This time I still drew her ugly"

i love everything about this sketch. it is sharp yet has undefined lines. it is powerful while at the same time it remains subtle. but i especially love how it reminds me of that feeling. that feeling right before you fall asleep next to someone you love - that feeling where all the problems of the day melt away, and everything feels safe.

dream a little dream by *burdge-bug (couple,love,drawing,pencil,kiss)

Paper: 16 x 10 Image: 16 x 10 Art print poster of a glamorous evening gown with ruffles by acclaimed fashion painter and illustrator “Tina”.

Evening Gown with Ruffles

Evening Gown with Ruffles - Fine Art Print Posters look great it because colour full black with top and with skirts white and black in ruffles dress posh .

Portrait of woman, street seller in Hanoi old quarters, Vietnam. Photograph byAlberto Mateo, Travel Photographer.

Portrait of a Vietnamese woman, Hanoi, Vietnam

This character pencil sketch is interesting because of the pose... Her shorts are too skimpy for my taste. :T

can i get my hair back? and maybe my thighs and my butt? I've seemed to have lost my waist with this baby I have strapped to me. # dibujo a lápiz