The 50 Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram

85 of the Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram

Tim Burton's cult-classic beetlejuice can be a difficult look to master (especially if you want to err on the side of colorfully cute rather than full on zombie-esque), but by skipping the moldy skin and using face paints and makeup instead, you'll avoid

Yuri Alexander - Realistic skin detail and color                              …

Yuri Alexander - Realistic skin detail and color

tone and color painting - Google Search

I found these images (explaining how to mix paints to achieve different skin tones) incredibly useful so I wanted to share them. They are from from “Painting the Head in Oil” by John Howard Sanden.

Kitanya's Skin Color Chart by on @deviantART

This is a list of common skin tones! To produce the shading colors, duplicate the layer in which just the base color is on and set it to multiply. To get the contrasted shading, which is probably a.

'Till Death' - A Self Portrait: She (Lana Chromium Winner Skin Wars Season 2 ) and He ( Dewayne Flowers - )  Our Saturday date night. :) This was a spontaneous UV blacklight piece. We spent a couple of hours painting each other 'anatomically enough' to pull off the effect. I adjusted colors a bit to remove some of the blacklight blue and bumped the contrast to blacken out what skin was visible for the illusion. Her hair was glowing as well, so that…

Today the Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions wants to join in this marvelous Danse Macabre created by San Diego-based body paint artist Dewayne Flowers. Flowers and his partner painted each.

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