Using various sizes of sharpie pens

skeleton_sharpie Drawing in the dark spaces.Our final project my senior year was of a skeleton with one, strong, light source. It was probably my best drawing prior to attending art school at VCU.

Texture, shadow, sharp, surrounded

Nicholas Tolmachov: delicadeza e ambiguidade

Skull Painting by David Kraig

Skull Canvas Print / Canvas Art by David Kraig

Disciplinas Múltiples del artista Patrice Murciano llamada Angel's Skull

35 Most Beautiful Oil Paintings from Top Artists around the world

30 Mind-Blowing and Colorful Paintings by famous French artist Patrice Murciano

Skull is fine, but I'm thinking something different for my paint station. Possibly even the schools mascot

Illustration inspiration

The post Bianca Hall’s Eclectic Boho Glam Space! appeared first on Swoon Worthy. I have been looking forward to sharing this with you ever since I first laid eyes on my friend Bianca Hall’s living roo

Bianca Hall’s Eclectic Boho Glam Space! (Swoon Worthy)

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skull by SethBlood. love the warmth added to skull which gives it interesting colour. could do this to hands or other bones

like to draw from time to time

Skull Girls by Gerrel Saunders

Skull Girls by our editor on illustrations Gerrel Saunders aka gaks designs