Smiley piercing. Is it weird I think this is actually cute!? Not for me, but on a nice set of centrals it's just adorable! LOL

The smiley piercing is the perfect choice for those who like to flash their pearly whites. Check out 44 smiley piercings & read up on tips!

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I did Kristen’s smiley piercing 2 years ago and the other day, she came back in to upgrade her jewelry! This rose gold & clear swarovski cz Faraway ring from peeks out from this piercing to.

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The 19 Most Beautiful Piercings You’ve Ever Seen

Smiley Piercing - In the modern world, all the people change their mind to follow the fashion. Fashion is not easily achieved by everyone, but you have put your full effort and involvement. These two things are more significant to follow the fashion.

Smiley Piercing Information guide for pain, pricing and prcedure

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smiley-piercing #piercings

smiley-piercing #piercings