The. World's Best Cake. Cooked Coconut Smith Island Cake with 10+ layers from the Smith Island Baking Company, Maryland Eastern Shore

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State Dessert: Smith Island Cake, made by the ladies of Smith Island for years, has achieved national recognition. With impossibly thin layers of cake and icing stacked high, Smith Island cakes are a unique treat.

Smith Island Cake -- a Maryland specialty. My Maryland family introduced me to this darling of a cake & how amazing would it be if I learned to make this myself? I would be well on my way to being a Smith Islander!

Classic Chocolate Smith Island Cake (Maryland's state cake)

Smith Island Cakes

Chocolate Mint Smith Island Cake... hubby just had his Birthday and is very upset he did not know about this before choosing his cake!

Chocolate Mint Smith Island Cake

YUM, it's a lemon version of the Smith Island Cake

Thin layers of rich, moist lemon cake are topped with a delicious butter cream icing for an inventive flavor of Smith Island cake. With its fine, fresh ingredients, you'll find layer after layer of flavor. Each cake is handmade by genteel Southern ladie

Smith Island peanut butter cup cake. Looks like Burkey is geting a Birthday cake!!!

Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cake from Smith Island, Maryland. This version of the Smith Island cake comes from island resident Mary Ada Marshall. Each layer contains a sprinkling of powdered peanut butter cups, and the top is garnished with chunks of the same.

The official dessert of Maryland.  If you make one, I'd be happy to come over ;)

Smith Island Ten-Layer Cake

The State Dessert of Maryland Yum! Cake lovers from all over enjoy these 10 layer cakes made on Smith Island. With impossibly thin layers of cake and icing stacked high, Smith Island cakes are a r…

Caramel and Cream Smith Island Cake

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Video on making a Smith Island Cake

Mary Ada Marshall bakes world famous 8 layer Smith Island cakes with apprentice Kristen Manzo at her home in Tylerton Maryland.

A thin layer chocolate cake ... my grandmother used to make these all the time.  (Source: Life is Beautiful)

Chocolate-Frosted Layer Cake

This is what Z wants for his birthday. // Lots Of Layers Cake. I would do frosting then a fruit and so forth

Lots Of Layers Cake: This looks like Smith Island Cake to me.

Kent Island Crab Cakes - Smith Island Cake - Chocolate w/ Butter Cream Icing, $46.00 An Eastern Shore Maryland tradition - Smith Island 9 layer cake. Homemade icing is meticulously placed between incredibly thin layers of chocolate cake. Serve this uniquely different multi-layer cake at your next party and watch the eyes light up, as the smiles appear - feeds approximately 10 people.(

Smith Island Cake - Chocolate w/ Butter Cream Icing

Kent Island Crab Cakes are hand made gourmet Maryland Style jumbo lump crab cakes made exclusively from crabmeat of the Blue Crab.