some posters and handouts to go with the #Superflex curriculum #autism

Social Thinking (3 of 4)- SUPERFLEX

This Superflex poster colorfully shows the full Team of Unthinkables - from Mean Jean to Energy Hare-y - and how they try to defeat kids'. But Superflex remind us to use our flexible thinking to overcome them!

5. Problem Solving Wheels --- These can be used when a child thinks about their behavior before hand and wants to make a good decision, but may not necessarily know how to. These work as a guide to making positive social and emotional choices.

Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

I have introduced this into my Special Day Class to talk about how big their problem is and different ways problems can be solved. I have created a big chart that is at the front of the class and each student has a small one on their desk.

How Big is My Problem? Behavior Chart

How Big is My Problem Chart: Helps students put their problems onto a scale. This helps them manage their issue without unduly alarm and communicate with me for help.

You are a Social Detective with Group Activity Prompts from Encourage Play

You are a Social Detective Book Review and Group Activity Ideas

You Are a Social Detective is a great introduction to Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking, written especially for kids who struggle in social situations.

Our Social Skills Rubrics will help you take data on difficult social skills so you can track growth & areas of need!! From #theautismhelper

Using Rubrics to Take Data on Social Skills

Social Problem Solving Interactive Notebook- Includes 8 pages to help students learn problem solving strategies.

Social Problem Solving Interactive Notebook

Social Problem Solving Interactive Notebook- Includes 8 pages to help students learn problem solving strategies.

How big is my problem is a great strategy that teaches children the skill of determining the level of the problem in order to respond appropriately.

5 Steps to Help Kids Resolve Conflicts

Socialthinking - Social Behavior Mapping Poster - Listening to the Teacher Talk

Socialthinking - Social Fortune or Social Fate: A Social Thinking Graphic Novel Map for Social Quest Seekers Tap the link to check out fidgets and sensory toys!

Expected Behaviors vs. Unexpected Behaviors

Unexpected Behaviors - Could teach children social thinking skills by explaining the expected and unexpected behaviors in any given situation.