laguna beach ca at pearl street arch | California Beaches: Laguna’s Pearl Street Beach

California Beaches: Laguna's Pearl Street Beach

Sea Cave, Southern California

The absolutely incredible Benagil Sea Cave Beach in Algarve, Portugal. You can rent a boat to explore the caves and nearby beaches.

15 Secrets of California’s Coastline  A blowhole you can jump into Pearl Street Beach, Laguna Beach During low tide, there’s an underwater cave arch that bubbles up and down with the tide and feels like riding an elevator, if elevators went up and down IN THE WATER. If the rocks are “open,” (lifeguard’s discretion) experienced swimmers can jump into the blowhole and get pushed through the cave and “out to sea.”

15 Secrets of California’s Coastline

15 Secrets of California’s Coastline A waterfall that spills onto a beach Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur There’s nothing quite like a waterfall. Especially when that waterfall is located in one of California’s coolest towns and cascades DIRECTL

Step back in time at Crystal Cove, CA. Featured on Beach Bliss Living:

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Laguna Beach, Southern Cali Drive down the Southern California coast, and visit the best beaches in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

This is the kind of thing that makes you realize just how lucky we are to live here.

This Secret Sea Cave In Southern California Is A Must Visit

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