Didn't actually read this one, but feel like I can just cover everything with tin foil

Space Party

There were (dollar store foam-core board) cut-outs of astronaut helmets, like these:

Photo Booth with space theme from luck and bliss: The Right Stuff - or Teddy's ROCKETSHIP Party



Dress up as Zenon and Nebula for Halloween.

10 Space-Inspired Costumes to Wear This Halloween

Space makeup- WHAATT! omg so cool

truebluemeandyou: “ DIY Inspiration: Galaxy or End of the World Makeup from Sandra Holmbom here. For more of Sandra Holmbom’s FX makeup that I’ve posted go here:.

Space Case Astronaut and Orange Astronaut Couples Costumes - Party City

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These space Halloween costumes are out of this world!

19 Solar System Costumes That Are Out of This World

Space Family                                                       …

40 of the Cutest Family Halloween Costumes Ever

Space Family: Go out of this world on your Halloween night by doing silver everything. Add accessories like goggles and space helmets to channel outer space like a pro. Find more funny and easy kids and family DIY Halloween costume ideas here.