2001:A Space Odyssey (1968) Written and Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

A Space Odyssey ● Director - Stanley Kubrick ● Cinematographer - Geoffrey Unsworth

Stanley Kubrick on the set of Full Metal Jacket (1987)

‘This is for fighting. This is for fun’: Stanley Kubrick directs ‘Full Metal Jacket’

Stanley Kubrick - a filmography. Don't miss the next animation: Twin Peaks illustrated, more informations on the blog.  -- I'm still working...

animated Stanley Kubrick movie posters - French graphic artist Martin Woutisseth has designed an amazing collection of animated Stanley Kubrick movie posters. The poster series covers the .

Malcolm McDowell, Clockwork Orange   "el condicionamiento clásico"  "Cuando dos cosas suelen ocurrir juntas, la aparición de una traerá la otra a la mente".  En -------> Rn  EI -------> RI    CONDICIONAMIENTO

Malcolm McDowell dans Orange mécanique (A Clockwork Orange), 1971 de Kubrick

A Clockwork Orange...one of the most fucked up films I've ever seen..must watch it again sometime!!

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick

A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick. Awfully too long with the first half of the movie doing nothing.