Ex-Journey singer Steve Perry revealed in a 6-6-13 blog post that he was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and lost his girlfriend, Kellie Nash, to breast cancer in December 2012.

Steve Perry Undergoes Skin Cancer Surgery: They Think They Got It All

Steve Perry Journey, best rock voice ever!many children made to the sound of this voice .

Steve Perry - 1979. No matter how hard they try...he can NEVER be replaced. His voice made the songs what they were.

Whats my favorite Journey song? The one with Steve Perry in it Steve Perry 1979

a young Steve Perry lead singer of Journey...I use to be so in love with him!

a young Steve Perry lead singer of Journey.I use to be so in love with you, amazing singer.

Steve Perry- the ONLY singer for Journey. Yeah, yeah, the guy sounds just like him. NO- he's NOT Steve Perry. Let the band go!

Lately I’ve been soaking myself in the resonating-incredible-soulful voice of the former lead singer of American band Journey, Steve Perry.

Steve Perry, 1986

Steve Perry - "The Voice" of and the best vocalist in music history 🎼🎤🎶

Steve Perry (that voice....aaaaaaah!) That FACE, that hair!! <3 {GM}

Steve Perry sang with so much emotions for Journey

Former JOURNEY Singer STEVE PERRY Talks New Music In Artisan News ...Jan, 2014

Steve Perry, Singer-Songwriter & Record Producer Best Known as the Lead Vocalist of the Rock Band Journey -