Manhattan plant and planter store The Sill's storefront.

The Store That's Changing How City-Dwellers Buy Plants

Bettys Café Tea Rooms ~ 46 Stonegate | York, York YO1 8AS, England - been there! -

A collection of what I enjoy the most: fine gardens, books, tea & coffee, vintage stuff, sweet.

if I ever needed to make a storefront for myself (in my next life), this is what it would look like

This striped black and white awning coupled with the planters and windows .for side front entrance

desire to inspire - - Blue blue days

Vintage industrial lighting + glossy black & turquoise paint + french paned window + gray stucco = yes, please. i'd be ok with this being my future salon.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1955

Designing a Modern Fast Food Restaurant Brandon Agency was posed with a challenge: Design an innovative fast food restaurant of the future, complete from its corporate identity to its interior.

okay, I know this isn't a flea market home furnishing, but I'm digging the architecture of this old building, and really digging the color.

live, work - metaphysical store, retro treasure - walk to everything after closing shop yES

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