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To answer the question at the bottom, you're relatable af and your past is similar to mine you also remind me of my best friend

#MinYoongi Pinterest: Jannea Kim Follow for more!

#MinYoongi Pinterest: Jannea Kim Follow for more!

Ahhh these will be so helpful to me

Omg so Suga biased ❤️™️ Just kidding but I still love him

sugas jawline always kills me something rlly specil about, its like not a straight jawline but you can see the bone of when he had pink hair his jawline was buetiful in tht

Frickin' hickeys!!! OMG hot as hell!! O.O

BLESS MY EYES (on another note, can we think about how much he must have dieted to lose that much weight? yoongi pls don’t starve yourself. you need food to get energy to do all your performances! armys will be happiest whenever you are healthy❤️)

Suga || #suga #yoongi #BTS

Suga || #suga #yoongi #BTS

funny, meme, and bts image

Ugh I will never not stan him I might have another bias (Tae) but he will always be my bais

[TRANS] 2016 BTS FESTA : BTS Self-written Profiles Ver. 3 [160608]

Suga Family Chart BTS OMG he "gets passion" when he looks at jimin? YOONMIN and why did he no draw Hobi?