Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/239499763/super-hero-photo-booth

Concept easily adapted for Hollywood nights with navy/ black background & stars, film roll or green bushes in front?

19. A Creative Coctail #modcloth #wedding  Super hero cocktails

Avengers-themed Cocktail Recipes

The Avengers mixed drinks. Someday, I'll have an adult Avengers themed party. And it'll be awesome. Can I have a Captain America? The drink would be cool too.

Self portraits as super heroes. Would be great to do right before the OAA test to lift spirits and encouragement

Self portraits as super heroes. Could tie in Pop Art. Love the newspaper backgrounds. Could keep to really opaque colors and mostly primary and black.

7 Habits/Leader in Me lesson-- 2nd grade "Super Leaders"!

Superhero portraits: "Heroes & Sheroes" self- portrait artwork. Make sure students put their names in the same place (preferably bottom left) for credit in hallway displays.

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Does the supergirl and flash crossover mean than all the three(flash,arrow and supergirl) can have a crossover?

Behavioral Chart: Superhero Theme #classroommanagement #firstgrade

Behavioral Chart: Superhero Theme :) Use Clothes pin to decorate into students favorite super hero. Look at other poster to define each behavior

Genderbend; genderbent; genderswap; rule 63; Avengers; marvel

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Super Hero Party

Superhero water bottles for the superhero classroom! What a great idea for class parties! Or give them out as prizes or incentives.