François Coutu on Twitter: "Oh yeah, I did a metroid thing! More to come!

François Coutu on

Caverns of Norfair by on @DeviantArt

pixalry: Super Metroid Triptych - Created by François Coutu Whoever makes this art is so fuckin' good

Super Metroid Super FamiCom Boxart

Super Metroid, Super Famicom (Super NES Japanese Import) Japanese import, literally the same game as the US version No language barrier-pick up and play Super Famicom cartridge Expansive game!

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Ridley's Lair by Matt Rockefeller

Super Metroid comix by on @DeviantArt

Super Metroid comix by on @DeviantArt


Metroid - Garrett Hanna Just simple and badass. Reminiscent of the film posters…

Metroid Prime by Erik Whalen . via:

erikwhalen: brought out the video game doodling and yearning for a new next gen Metroid Prime without all the Wii gimmicks. Some good ol times figuring out how to ink wash. I should also get rid.