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I chose this white swan because there was a lake at the campus with a swan. The swan was known for biting people.

Swan this I also would like to do in origami foldind techniques because I think there are many ways how to do it. Some of them are easy and basic and another are harder and nicer when it is finished.

White Swan Reflection in a Black Lake: White Swan looking at its own Reflection, the lake is black like a night. White Swan looks like a angle in the dark.

99% of swans only have one partner their their whole lifetime, if the mate dies the swan can pass away from a broken heart. Although, 1% has been observed to move on and find a new partner.

Swan heart so sweet. These beautiful birds have one love forever. I have read that if one dies the other one can actually die of a broken heart. Together they have formed a heart of Love.

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Cisne- "Swans have one partner their entire lives. If one partner dies, the other can pass away from a broken heart.

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You embrace some form saying, ‘I am this.’ By God, you are not this or that or the other you are ‘Unique One’ ‘Heartravishing’ you are throne and palace and king you are bird and snare and fowler like water in jar and river.

Pascal Silvain Arabatzis - Wild Swans https://www.flickr.com/photos/pascalarabatzis/10227852983

rhubarbes:Wild Swans by Pascal Silvain Arabatzis. More Animals here. ~sandra de~My Romantic Heart~

Bewick Swans by mikeD_CircleD.  Bewick swans are a smaller subspecies of the trumpeter swan.

Bewick Swans - in flight - by mikeD_CircleD.- Bewick swans are a smaller subspecies of the trumpeter swan.

Black Swans - Article of the Day - English - The Free Dictionary ...1023 x 915 | 91.2KB | forum.thefreedictionary.com

For some 1500 years the black swan existed in the European imagination as a metaphor for that which could not exist.>>> Then they found actual black swans in Australia!