yep u always will be bby ily cisco- jayden♥️

I Wove Abdul Has The Sweetest Bird.Always Singing.he slept on the floor with his girlfriend.i sleep on his king bed.

You make my heart so so so happy ♥ ~ Relationship quotes

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Some days I don't know what we're doing, but I know I couldn't live without you baby. I can't be me without you

Kylee J'Nae Cottrell I choose you, I have always chosen you and I will always choose you!!! My heart is yours forever and always!!!

soulmate love quotes

Truth is, sometimes I choose me instead of you. But I am committed to you and will continue to choose you more than I choose me.

Praying for others

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I would rather live life with you and have something to look back on then have nothing and things always be easy. <3

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To my husband.i'd rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. i'd rather be beside you in a storm than safe and warm by myself. i'd rather have hard times together than have it easy apart. i'd rather have the one who holds my heart

Esto es lo que siento cuando te abrazo. Quisiera poder abrazarte más y más, todos los días y a cada rato.

He felt warm and familiar. He felt solid and safe. I wanted to cling to his shirt, bury my face into the curve his neck and never let go.