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Aww! so cute.

T-Rex Joke. I love the smile the poor T-rex has when he realizes he CAN play the ukulele!

speartactical: “Via T Rex Arms ”

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T-Rex Is Sad | T-Rex's Short Arms | Know Your Meme

T-Rex Is Sad

T-Rex Trying

Whenever I see T-Rex Trying, I always think, “Poor T-Rex.” Here he is trying to charge his tablet.

How did he put on his bling?

How did he put on his bling?

T.REX ARMS on Instagram: “Glock 30 Sidecar coolness from @tx_noviskiii ・・・ @glockinc G30 in @trexarmskydex Sidecar Appendix Rig

from - T-Rex Arms Sidecar Appendix Rig for a Glock 30 with additional magazine sidecar also from T-Rex Arms, a Kabar Knives' TDI, and Fenix small rechargeable light.

T-Rex Cartoon Short Arms | Rex fight: How did it look like - Funny cartoon with two scary T-Rex ...

T-Rex fight: How did it look like – Funny cartoon with two scary T-Rex dinosaurs fighting using those little arms like two girls.

The T Rex Diet.

The T-Rex Diet

The common prehistoric T-Rex eats anything that crosses its path. Eduardo San Gil illustrates this fact in his new design called “The T-Rex Diet”.

T-Rex Trying to see what’s so funny…  T-Rex Trying to preserve his dignity…  CARPE DIEM!!!  #TRexTrying

T-Rex Trying to see what´s so funny T-Rex Trying to preserve his dignity CARPE DIEM!

Unstoppable T-Rex. This should be my graduation present for when I finish my masters. It will have pride of place on my desk. assuming new graduates get desks, or jobs. Basically, this is occupational therapy.

Unstoppable T-Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex’s only flaw has now become one of his biggest strengths as seen in this unstoppable T-Rex figurine. The wee little arms are now assisted by long reach extending claws – allowing the T-Rex to become the ultimate killing machine.

When you have short little arms, you need to get creative. Only $25 for a business card holder sure to impress.

Dinosaur Business Card Holder-Gold T-Rex! Desk Accessory, Guy Gift, Gold Dinosaur, Jurassic, Man Cave, Gold T-Rex, T-Rex, Business Card

Dinosaur Business Card Holder - Gold T-Rex Desk Accessory Guy Gift Gold Dinosaur Jurassic Fun Man Cave Dinosaur Planter T-Rex Dino USD) by DinosaursGalore