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How the Twilight Guys Got Ripped - In honor of the release of Breaking Dawn - Part here are the fit men who will have your girlfriend drooling into her popcorn—and how they got that way.

Taylor Lautner ~ I still hate what they turned my werewolf boyfriend into in Breaking Dawn. I'll never get over it. And yes, I'm a cougar.

Taylor Lautner does appear in the soon-to-be-released "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part but the glorious show of well-muscled man.

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Taylor Lautner shirtless, YES

Taylor Lautner had to bulk up quite a bit after Twilight to retain his role as Jacob Black in New Moon and later movies.

please taylor, keep your clothes on. actually you know what, nevermind. you can take them off.

Taylor Lautner is a hard working boy and for this attractive body, he also works hard. Taylor Lautner has a strict schedule of his bodybuilding and has a specific diet chart.