Taylor Swift nail art. Ohmygosh....I'M DOING THIS ONE DAY.

Taylor Swift Nails

Paint a magazine / newspaper nail in under 60 minutes by creating with nail polish and picture. Inspired by clothes & accessories and taylor swift.

#ThanksforAlltoowellTaylor   In honor of All Too Well I made these Wonderstruck Nails <3 please re-pin if you like them :)

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck nails I have that perfume and I love it! I love the rainbow that reflects of the bottle whenever I hold it up.

i miss the "old" taylor swift. when she didnt wear makeup, and her music was less "radio" and autotuned. i feel like she just plays what'll sell now.

I miss the old Taylor Swift and her sweet innocent country sound. I'm not dissing her some of her new songs are ok but it would be a shame if she went all miley cyrus on us.

20 Different Ways Taylor Swift Has Worn Red Lipstick #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2014/11/78055/taylor-swift-red-lipstick-looks#slide-17  This wasn't Taylor's typical bright red: It had a brick feel to it, but not with too much color payoff. For a similar vibe, apply a thin layer of NARS Audacious in Marlene with a lip brush.

20 Ways T. Swift Has Worn That Red Lip Classic Thing You Like

Taylor Swift Is the Queen of the Internet Notey - Search

Taylor Swift Is the Queen of the Internet

taylor swift wildest dreams music video | Taylor Swift’s Hair In ‘Wildest Dreams’ — Makeover For Music ...

Taylor Swift’s Black Hair Makeover For ‘Wildest Dreams’

In our 'wildest dreams' we never thought we'd see Taylor Swift with black hair, but she's rocking dark hair in her new music video -- and it looks amazing! Taylor Swift's music video for "Wildest D.

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From slumber parties to award shows, Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding spend a lot of BFF time together. The two cuddled up for photos at the Universal Music BRITs Party at the Soho House Pop-Up in London, England on Feb.

Meredith be all like "why are you taking pictures of her and not me?"

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