Free math games that teach subtraction strategies

Free math games that teach subtraction strategies - subtracting using doubles facts. Fun for subtraction math centers!

Free math games that teach subtraction strategies

Smash playdough is an activity that helps children understand the concept of subtraction using a material. This is a fun activity that the children would love! The use of the concrete material helps visual learners and tactile learners.

Subtraction for 1st Grade! {What's the Difference?} (Thank God It's First Grade (TGIF!))

Subtraction games and activities for first grade! This unit includes hands on learning and lessons as well as anchor charts for different subtraction strategies!

My report cards are DONE! Now, just to get through the next 9 days :-) We& got a little ice cream theme going on becaus.

Subtraction Lego Game

Math: Subtraction Lego Game - The Kindergarten ConnectionThis game is best played with a partner, although you could play it with a small group of students too, as the object of the game is to see who can lose all of their bricks first!

Challenge your first and second grade math students with this FREE set of one dozen riddle cards for the numbers This new set addresses early addition and subtraction, comparing numbers, place value, and basic coin knowledge, and is great as a supp

Roll and Solve- Roll a die and solve a subtraction problem and race to the top… Great interactive game for students to test their subtraction skills.