ARTHOUSE Dante Motif Teal Wallpaper

Arthouse Dante Motif Wallpaper - Teal at Homebase -- Be inspired and make your house a home. Nice for the dining area

Graham & Brown's Zen Teal Wallpaper is inspired by the trellises of an Oriental Shoji screen. Order this copper and teal wallpaper from our exclusive collection.

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Striation Wallpaper

Turquoise Room Decorations – Aqua Exoticness Ideas and Inspirations Tags: turquoise room, turquoise room decor, turquoise bedroom ideas, turquoise living room

Peacock Gold and Jade Wallpaper from Osborne and Little Eden Collection. A signature wallpaper design by Matthew Williamson featuring peacock feathers in metallic and antique gold with tiny reflective beads on a jade background.

Meiying Teal Wallpaper

Teal River Watercolour Wall Mural

Stylish watercolours for your little one's room. Sumptuously rich teal textures come together in watercolour wallpaper design. Pair with bright yellow accents to offset the blue for a cool, modern feel. Perfect for children's bedrooms and play spaces.