flow chart of us govt | three branches of national government

How a Bill Becomes a Law. Ohio: - Graphic organizer about how a bill becomes a law and the checks and balances of the three branches of government.

No more struggling to fit in Texas History! With this interactive notebook you are set for the whole year from geography and Native Americans to Texas symbols and government!

Texas History Interactive Notebook Bundle

This HUGE bundle is full of notebook activities ranging from the geography and regions of Texas through the Texas Revolution and up to modern day Texas government and symbols. This bundle has undergone a HUGE update to add journal prompts/output ideas for

I would use this to explain the state level of bicameral government - specifically Texas'.

This visually appealing anchor chart neatly identifies the 3 branches of government. It also explains checks and balances and the 3 levels of government too. A lot of great information is displayed here!

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Texas History Tuesday: Ending the Revolution

Texas History Tuesday: Ending the Revolution

Upper elementary classroom tips and ideas with a focus on classroom management, student engagement, & cooperative learning.

Here's a nice anchor chart on branches state of government. (This is example is for South Carolina, but this model will work for most states.)

Parts of a Plant and Plant Life Cycle

4th grade Texas history--Interactive notebook activity to teach about the important documents of the Texas Revolution.  Students match the document and its purpose.  Documents include the Treaty of Velasco, Texas Constitution, Texas Bill of Rights, and the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Great for interactive notebooks - INB.

4th Grade Texas Revolution & Alamo Interactive Notebook Activities (TEKS)

Worksheets: Three Branches of Government for Kids

Three Branches of Government for Kids

7th Grade Texas ULTIMATE Interactive Notebook Bundle

7th Grade Texas History Interactive Bundle (Geography, Government, AND History!)

Potential oil and the railroad PowerPoint that could be used during a lecture, but adjusted for seventh grade and made interactive.

Changes in Texas: Oil and the Railroad PowerPoint

This powerpoint would tie social studies to science, explaining the impact of a nonrenewable resource - oil - on the industrialization and urbanization of Texas.

Seventh Grade TEKS-aligned INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK Unit with 7 COMPLETE engaging nonfiction informational text lessons, a balanced mix of higher and lower level hands-on activities, and EIGHTEEN Interactive Notebook assignments designed to teach students about Texas Government and Economy.

7th Grade Texas Government and Economy Interactive Notebook Unit