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Texas Teacher Round-up {resources and ideas for the TEKS} aka best texas teacher site ever

The Science Penguin: More Interactive Science Notebooks

More Interactive Science Notebooks

Texas Teacher Round-Up: Third Grade math and science activities aligned to the TEKS

Texas Teachers Unite! What a great idea- I ended up going from site to site finding lots of great resources!

5th Grade Science TEKS Planning Guides

a texas teacher MUST!!! Pin it, save it, use it!

Texas Teacher Round-Up: Five Things You Need to Know about the New Kindergarten Math TEKS

Are you a Texas teacher? Have you been asked by your administrators to have your English Language Proficiency Standards-ELPS posted?  This pack contains each standard ready to print and post.  I also include a checklist for each strand for you to check off when you have taught each standard.---Alma Almazan

Texas ELPS "I Can" Posters and Teacher Checklists

FREE Books for Your Classroom Library - This is AMAZING!! Great idea for getting books for book bins, book bags, and classroom libraries.

FREE Books for Your Classroom

Snag hundreds of FREE picture and chapter books for your classroom library or student book bins from your local Half-Price Book Store.

Geometrocity - A city made of math.

It is finished! From playing City Manager and stamping my kids approval notices to watching other classes awe at their hard work, this was definitely one of the top ten activities we did this year!

Teacher Autobiography Book - make it read to the kids. Cute idea.

Teacher Autobiography Big Book for the beginning of the year. I will have each kid make one when they are STAR student to keep with classroom books. Send them home at the end of the year (Yeehaw Teaching in Texas!

Experiment with Skittles to introduce the scientific method!

5th Grade Science TEKS Planning Guides

Lesson for introducing the scientific method.interesting since there are issue with the experiment used in the first lesson in knowatom that introduces the scientific method. The Science Penguin: Skittles and the Scientific Method