If you love the work of Susan Lenz, then you'll really love this fiber art tutorial which gives details of how she creates her "In Box" series of fiber art

"In Box" Fiber Art Tutorial

DIY Tutorial on artist's "in box" Susan Lenz - soldering iron to burn out holes

Forest - textile, fiber art by Lesley Richmond

'Painted Forest' detail from Tree/Forest Series - fiber art by Lesley Richmond

Isabel Moore - Thread Noodle. Spiral waves                                                                                                                                                      More

Isobel Moore textile artist- contemporary quilted and embroidered tapestry work Blue Fossil- Amazing work

Sheila Hicks is a yarn spinner, a textile artist who for more than five decades…

Link to interesting article about Sheila Hicks, Australian textile artist

Fabric manipulation swatches using gathering to create different texture and surface effects - creative sewing; textile techniques

Fabric manipulation swatches - pinch, tuck, scrunch techniques Visual Texture Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures